imageedit_89_8167714521Out among the old parking lots. The boarded-up warehouses. The bricked-in asylums.  This ancient building crumbles. Moans in the wind. Sings the words held inside in sighs and whispered chants.

Come, sift through the broken remains of this house of letters. House of art. Of sound. Of life.

We at Abandoned Library Press seek work which you might find floating down an empty street at the end of the world. We want the art you’d paint while waiting for the zombies to close in. The poems and stories you compose as the bombs fall, as the seas rush over the land, as the last light from the sun dribbles toward Earth after it blinks out.

We are looking for writing and art cobbled from the remnants and pieces of other literature, other songs, other visual works. Held together with old scraps of mass-produced goods, old shards of fine furniture and jewelry, whatever raw materials you can reclaim from this place. Take as much of the old as you can, just create something NEW.

We are looking for cut-ups, collages, erasures. Alternate stories, stories focusing on minor characters in other works, re-imaginings of old masterpieces. Send us works utilizing appropriation and found materials. Send us anything you find interesting, anything you  might hoard or stitch together at the end. From the dusty corners of the Abandoned Library.

We are currently seeking submissions of poetry, prose, artwork, and anything else you think we might enjoy for our first issue.

We publish a themed web-based magazine on an irregular schedule, as well as archive and share various other ephemera and things that we find interesting.

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